At the Refinery, we strive to make your waxing experience as pleasant as possible with appointment times that are quick, comfortable, and easy to fit into your busy schedule. We use Nufree, a low-heat, water-soluble, natural soy "wax" that is gentle, but effective. Our highly trained staff will take good care of you!

Hair growth should be approximately 1/4 inch long or 10-14 days worth of growth to achieve optimum results for waxing.

We use a vegetable-based, semi-permanent tinting cream to darken lashes and brows.


At the Refinery, we use the VersaSpa spray tanning system.

VersaSpa allows for more customizing of your spray tan experience. Select full body, face, or legs. Then choose either light, natural, or dark color for your skin tone. VersaSpa also allows you to pick from a clear or bronze spray. Clear provides the same results and will develop color over 6 hours while the bronze will give a cosmetic color right away with color continuing to develop over the same 6 hour time frame. Both super-hydrate the skin and are fast drying. VersaSpa is equipped with a blow dry feature that eliminates drips and allows for redressing right away.

Our tanning formula is water soluble and won't stain clothing. VersaSpa emits the least amount of tanning solution to decrease the amount of inhalable mist for a more pleasant experience. The tanning formula contains: Acai—an intensely hydrating antioxidant that protects skin and helps maintain elasticity; Copper—an excellent moisturizer that increases tyrosine activity and restores firmness; Squalene—a natural lubricating agent that is non-irritating and non-comedogenic, it is excellent for sensitive and blemish prone skin; Caffeine—energizes skin and increases blood circulation to aid in elimination of fatty deposits; and Astra-Cran—an anti-oxidant of cranberry that is 500 times more powerful than vitamin C.


We are proud to offer Dermalogica as our exclusive skin care line. For hair we use and sell Morroccan Oil and VERB products. We carry high-quality waxing aftercare products: Finipil, PFB Vanish, and Tendskin. We use and sell OPI nail products.

We are a proud member of the Dermalogica web partnership.
Purchase authentic Dermalogica products direct from the source.
Visit us to experience the full line of Dermalogica products in the salon.

Unsure of what you need?
Schedule a skin care service with one of our estheticians for your personal recommendations.

Already a Dermalogica user?
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The Refinery's mission is to provide the best service at an affordable price to our clients, in an environment that is professional, casual and comfortable.

We strive to uphold the highest level of integrity and to improve the client experience, through product knowledge and education while providing unmatched customer service to every client.


The Refinery is located at 321 14th Ave SE in Dinkytown, near downtown Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota campus.

If you have questions, comments, or would like to request an appointment, please email us or call us at (612) 331-9055.

We offer business hours that fit most any schedule. Call today to schedule your appointment, or book online!

Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm

A classic European facial followed by a one-hour massage. After the spa services, a lunch of your choice catered by The Loring Pasta Bar or Cafe 421. Afterwards, a spa manicure and pedicure.
4½ hours, $225

Body therapy hydro-pack, enzymatic sea mud wrap, or body scrub. Classic European facial and 30 minute back stress treatment with aromatic essential oils. Finish with a paraffin wax bath treatment.
2 hours, $143


Where are you located? How do I get in touch?
321 Southeast 14th Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55414
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Phone: (612) 331-9055

We're in the heart of Dinkytown, on the same block as The Loring Pasta Bar and Annie's Parlor, on 14th Ave. We are between 4th and University, across the river from downtown Minneapolis.

Where should I park?
U of M Public Ramp
4th St. SE and 17th. Go east on University Ave, 2 blocks past Dinkytown, turn left on 17th, 1 block. Then a short 2½ block walk from the ramp to the center of Dinkytown.

Public Pay Lot
4th St SE , entrance next to Dinkytown Tattoo. $4 for 1st hour; $3/hr additionally.
This is a pay by phone lot. Download the PassportParking App or call 612-242-7168

Venue at Dinkytown
13th Ave SE and 5th St SE. $4 for 1st hour; $3/hr additionally.

Meter Parking
The streets are metered all around Dinkytown with a 2 hour maximum. They are now enforced 7 days a week. They accept cash or credit. 25¢/12 minutes

How far in advance should I book my appointment?
We do our very best to accommodate our clients schedules. Sometimes we can get you in the day of your appointment request. Other times, you may have to wait a few days or a week. We are busiest on or around holidays (including spring break). Our evening and weekend appointments tend to book in before weekday spots. If you're working with limited availability, please schedule as far in advance as possible.

What payment types do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash and Spafinder gift cards.

What is the standard gratuity for your services?
Clients tip as much or as little as they please. We are able to add a tip onto a card, however service providers do appreciate cash.

How many manicures/pedicures can you do at one-time? Facials? Massages?
We now have a private nail room that can accomodate four manicures and four pedicures at a time for groups of four or more.

Please email the salon director for more information.

What products do you sell/use at your salon?
We are very proud to offer Dermalogica as our only skin care line. For hair we use and sell Morroccan Oil and VERB products. We carry high-quality waxing aftercare products; Finipil, PFB Vanish, and Tendskin. We use and sell OPI nail products.

What's your cancellation policy?
We require a Visa or Mastercard to reserve appointments for new clients are more than 30 minutes in length or any reservation made for a guest. If a 24-hour notice of cancellation is not provided, it is our policy to charge the card for the entire amount of the service.

Please call if you need to cancel an appointment. E-mails will NOT be accepted.

Although a courtsey call will be given the day before your appointment, if we do not reach you our cancellation policy still stands and will be enforced.

When/why do I need to give you a credit card number?

  1. You are a new client scheduling an appointment of 30 minutes or longer
  2. You are booking on behalf of someone else

We experience a higher rate of no shows for new clients and people who did not schedule their own appointment versus people who called in for themselves. In order to assure that we have space available on our schedule for all of our clients, we need to assure that people will come to their appointments.

There are multiple doors at The Refinery; how do I know which to check in at?
You want to check-in on the first floor at our main reception desk located at our 321 location for all spa services (nails, facials, massages, and packages). We may need to let you in through our second floor security door if it is locked.

For a wax or hair appointment, you want to check-in at our 323 location's reception desk.

Is there a way to check who I saw the last time I was in?
Yes. We can check your customer history and let you know which service provider you saw for your last appointment.

What should I wear for a massage?
If you are having Swedish or Hot Stone Massage, you can wear whatever you'd like. On the table you will either be completely nude, or leave on your underwear, whichever makes you feel most comfortable. Our massage therapists use professional draping techniques to cover your body as they work.

Can I make a substitution in my package?
Generally speaking, no. However we may make exceptions for people with health problems.

Can I go tanning before/after waxing?
We recommend that you do not tan for 24 hours before and/or after your wax, or if you have a sunburn. Waxing exfoliates the top layer of skin, and makes you more prone to burning. Getting waxed after a tan can be more painful than usual and can cause skin lifting.

How long does waxing last?
This really depends on the person. For most people there will be very little or no regrowth for the first 7-14 days. After 7-14 days, the hair starts growing back finer and softer. We recommend waiting 4-6 weeks for your next wax.

How long does my hair have to be for a wax?
We need 1/4 of an inch of hair (on the body) to do our best wax. For most people, this is 10-14 days without shaving, or 4-6 weeks without waxing.

This is my first time waxing, what should I do to prepare for my wax?
Some people like to take ibuprofen or advil about an hour before they come in for their wax. Besides that, just make sure your hair is long enough.

I'm only      minutes late, why can't I get in for my appointment time?!
We always will get you in if there's time, space and staff to get you in. Because most of our waxing appointments are 15 minutes long, sometimes being 5 or 10 minutes late means you've missed your appointment. If you are told that you are too late to get in for your appointment, it is never personal. Being turned away for lateness simply means we cannot do the service without making other clients late.

I got a packet of something the first time I visited here, why didn't I get it again?
We offer sample aftercare products to first time clients. If you'd like to use the product regularly, we carry it for your purchase.

How many aestheticians do you have?
We have nine female aestheticians: Amy, Daisy, Lorie, Alea, Megan, Ashley, Afton, and Corinna

Who makes up the rest of your staff?
Massage: Stephanie, Leo, Chelsey, Peggy
Hair/nails: Kia, Karla